Do you work with data?
Dare to be different.
Take control.

Data Importer

What do you need? Merlin collects it.

Diagram showing how data is gathered
  • Import data from almost any source
  • Transform the data during import (eg: turning yes/no values into true/false for example)
  • Create rules and then repeat the import whenever required
  • Make life easier

Data Designer

Clean and mix. Merlin adapts seamlessly.

Diagram showing how data is designed
  • Design a database schema to suit your requirements
  • Clean and organise with ultimate flexibility
  • Store in a structure designed the way you want
  • The data revolution is here

Data Exporter

Publish in a format that suits your project.

Diagram showing how data is published
  • Connect to Merlin's API.
  • Retain total control of the presentation layer. Break free of boring.
  • Use your preferred tools and programming language
  • Hello creativity

Get early access and help us refine Merlin - become a beta tester

The Merlin cog logo

Merlin is the data management tool built by developers for developers - your data, your way – with a touch of Merlin magic.

Key Features

  • Hoover up the ingredients you want. Merlin is a data engine which enables you to import data from almost any data source.
  • Lightweight and flexible system designed to make your job faster.
  • The data structure is defined by you - rather than using any proprietary table structure.
  • It’s not “website-centric" works for any digital product.
  • Merlin can be used as a data migration tool.
  • Affordable "headless" CMS.
  • Take control of the presentation layer. Use your preferred tools and programming language.
  • Easily import data from other formats and systems.
  • Manage and publish data without imposing any restrictions on either.
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Merlin is ideal for

Semi technical users, looking for a headless CMS and/or data organisation/migration tool.

drawing of a Spanner

Skills required

Current implementation requires knowledge of databases and configuration files

In time it will be built around a GUI making it faster to implement and with less of a learning curve.

drawing of a Spanner
drawing of a Spanner

Best fit

Semi technical users, digital agencies and developers

Anyone who repeatedy has to deal with messy data and is looking to save time with repeat tasks and create better products in an more efficient manner.

drawing of a Spanner

Get early access and help us refine Merlin - become a beta tester

How it works

Merlin is a data engine which enables you to import data from almost any data source. It is cleaned, re-organised, stored and displayed with ultimate flexibility to suit your needs. Simply put, you choose the data you want to use and how you want it to appear. Merlin does the rest, seamlessly.

Using Merlin’s powerful API gives you full flexibility to build anything from a feed to a website or an application. The CMS head used with Merlin is changeable, making no assumptions about data sources or method of publishing.

It’s an incredible combination: a completed work engine with phenomenal flexibility. The possibilities are amazing. It’s perfect for picky programmers who know exactly what they want. Customise the system, add your own head, determine the process… make it your own.

The system is compatible with your own templates and all coding languages. Merlin helps you to capture, collate and communicate data. Exactly how you want to. You decide.

Its flexibility is key, offering endless applications and impressive longevity.

The Merlin team are developers

With over 30 years of coding and IT support expertise, we understand what developers need.

They know what it’s like to be you. They’ve juggled with system flexibilities, business needs and end-user ability.

Your new project doesn't need to be another trip down the road to writing importers and exporters.

Just plug Merlin in. Merlin is designed with you in mind. Enjoy!

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Beta testers

If you would like early access in return for helping to test and improve early iterations of Merlin please get in touch and introduce yourself.